Why are there questions before each song with point values?

The questions are from the 95 Quotation Questions from the Bible Fact-Pak which are copyrighted by The General Council of the Assemblies of God for their Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) program. The question before each scripture reference helps the quizzer connect the correct Scripture quotation with the correct question. Question values are divided into 10, 20 and 30 point values for Quiz Meets. Even though a child might be part of a JBQ program it will still help put a context and meaning to each Scripture tune.

Why are the questions started by a male voice and then completed by a female voice?

The Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) program helps quizzers to know when to interrupt a question. After a particular word in each question there are no other questions that have the same words from the 576 questions in the Bible Fact-Pak. The female voice reading the question shows those in the JBQ program exactly where to interrupt and complete the question for Quiz Meets.

Is this CD only for those involved in Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ)?

No, the CD is perfect for children and grandchildren 5-12 years of age. Any child can benefit from being able to hide the Word of God in their heart. There is no better way to do that than with music.

Why is the music CD priced higher than other similar CDs?

That’s a fair question. First the CD is different than any other music CD. After all, when was the last time you purchased a CD with 99 tracks?! The CD is a licensed product of the Bible Fact-Pak so there were costs associated with being able to use those copyrighted questions. Also, even though the songs are short (average 30 seconds each) the time to lay down all the instrument tracks and vocals took a considerable amount of time. A typical CD has 9-13 songs on a CD so each song usually averages more than a $1 per track to the consumer. With 99 tracks the average price is only .30 cents per track! We understood in that light the CD is really value priced!

Why is the NIV the only Bible version used for the Scripture Memory Songs and why were those verses chosen for the songs?

The Bible verses were part of the Bible Fact-Pak and were taken from all 95 Quotation Questions for the Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) program. The JBQ program only uses Scriptures taken from the New International Version©.

My child loves the CD and listens to it all the time. Over the many years of use the CD has gotten scratched is there a way to get a low-cost replacement?

Yes, as long as we have the CD product in stock you are able to get a replacement. If you send us your scratched CD with the cover CD jacket and a check for $15 to: JBQ Songs, 2030 N. Olive St., Santa Ana, CA 92706 we will send you a brand new CD (no shipping charge).

May my child sing the answer during Quiz Meets?

Absolutely! The only rules are that they not repeat any words until the entire Scripture and its reference is completed. On some tunes (i.e. Matthew 2:2, Matthew 1:23) there are repeated phrases in the song before all the correct information is given. The quizzer should simply learn for competition purposes to say those repeated parts to themselves in their head during a Quiz Meet.